At Fashion Garments, we feel that it is our responsibility to improve the communities within which we operate. We also firmly believe that we can only thrive in an environment where we are making positive impact not only socially, but environmentally as well. With these philosophies in mind, we carry out several initiatives and activities across each of our plants and offices throughout the year.

  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Annual company trip for all staff and their families

    Built a brand new library for Xaun tay primary school

    Celebrating vietnamese new year with the community

    Celebrating women's day by distributing gifts to our staff

    Cleaning and repairing Phu Binh Kindergarten premises

    Donating books and staionery to children in Xuan Tay

    Excellent Student Award Ceremony at Thanh Binh High School

    Gave gifts, meals and donations to an orphanage

    Gifts for local families to enjoy their Tet new year celebrations

    Giving gifts to children in the community

    Giving traditional moon cakes to children and their families to celebrate the mid-autumn (Children's) festival

    Monthly birthday celebrations for staff at each location

    Organizing team building activities at Head office

    Over 60 members of the FGL family are differently-abled

    Rewarding children of our staff for excellent performance in school (2)

    Rewarding children of our staff for excellent performance in school

    Students in Tan Phu making use of a computer lab donated by FGL

    This is Nhat - His education and monthly expenses are covered by FGL

    We try to be there for our staff during the hard times. Duyen was in need of a heart transplant and FGL was able to help her get it

    Yoga class for staff

    Our efforts to ensure brighter futures for the people around us will always be an integral part of our business. Here are some images of recent activities we have conducted to engage with the communities we are a part of as well as our staff.

  • Our commitment to responsible manufacturing does not stop there. As the first apparel manufacturer in Vietnam to be awarded LEED Gold and Platinum status by the US Green Buildings Council – we have pioneered the green movement within the industry.

    Here are some of the practices and systems we have put in place to ensure our positive impact on the environment and minimize our carbon footprint:

    • Minimizing energy consumption and wastage by installation of:

      • Skylights
      • Solar panels
      • LED lighting systems
      • Solar powered street lights
      • VRV inverter air conditioning units
      • Water-cooled ventilation system for production floors
      • Inverter type air compressors for machinery
    • Minimizing water consumption by:

      • Harvesting rainwater to be used for watering grass and plants
      • Installing push-start and sensor taps in washrooms and cafeterias
      • Treating all wastewater from washing plant for use in toilets plus watering grass and plants
    • Minimizing waste by:

      • Composting
      • Recycling
      • Use of biomass-fired boilers which run on bricks made from agricultural waste, organic material and even fabric waste from the production floor